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"Men are allowed to write songs about people and women are allowed to write songs about women"

"Before you can make good music, you just have to shut up. Then the music can say what it has to say." - Kristin Hersh

I saw Throwing Muses t'other day. Click here to read what I thought.

The last time I saw them was in 2003 and I wrote about if for Careless Talk Costs Lives. The only quote I can find from this review is "I went alone. Didn't want to share a damn thing. Like a wank or a bath, it was best taken alone cos they're mine, these songs are about me." I would never write that now, there is no bath in my house now, only a shower. I also interviewed Kristin once but I was so nervous and in awe I made a total pigs ear of it. This still happens more often than not. Luckily I can find no trace of that piece anywhere.

"The songs become the show, which is how it should be." - Kristin Hersh

However, I was able to find this double-headed album review from CTCL, issue 5, March/April 2003 which I love not for the writing but for the shot by th…