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Don't Know Why I Can't Play: Mixnotes 4

1. FLEETWOOD MAC - Save Me A Place 

I'm a Mcvei skipper. Straight to Stevie & Lindsay's songs. Of which this is one of his best.

2. PAVEMENT - Zurich Is Stained

Only go back to the first 3 Pavement albums ever. You think it's easy but you're wrong. I am not one half of the problem. 

3. SUPER FURRY ANIMALS - Citizens Band 

Normally hate hidden tracks cos they're nearly always poop and I dislike the smugness of their hidden nature. Was a genuine delight though to accidentally wind back BEFORE the beginning of 'Guerilla' to hear this. A band that can tuck a song this good away somewhere where most people won't find it is a band with an almost frightening confidence. Up there with 'Sex War & Robots' as one of SFA's sweetest serenades.

4. BREEDERS - Doe 

"Pod" is the one. What a drum sound. It still breaks my heart that Kim Deal never fell in love with me when I was 15.  But I guess staying in my room getting angry was never gonna be the best ploy to find a goddess. 

5. DEUS - Fell Off The Floor Man 

Back when I had a radio show (I got fired for avoiding a staff-meeting by a fearsome woman who had a massive bad oil-painting of John Wayne behind her desk) used to always be rockin' something offa Deus' fantastic 'In A Bar Under The Sea' album, of which this is the opener. Love those beats. 

6. MINUTEMEN - Theater Is The Life Of You 

Senses loose in knots... my logic is my style.
Can't avoid it, must make a stand

7. YO LA TENGO - Stockholm Syndrome 

"I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One" is thee best Yo La Tengo album and one of the greatest American albums of the 90s. This is the best track on it.

8. SLINT - Good Morning Captain 

Ignore the curatorship of Slint's 'legacy': this track is as startling now as it was nigh-on 20 years ago. 

9. CAN - Dizzy Dizzy 

I know I don't smoke with the angels I know, don't throw ashtrays at me. The most ARKane-ish lyrics this side of uhhhh. . . . A.R Kane I guess. 

10. THE YARDBIRDS - Lost Woman 

"Roger The Engineer" from Cov Central Library blew my 12 year old mind. This is the track that followed the mindfuck madness of 'Happenings Ten Years Time Ago'. For a while back there I thought Jeff Beck was amazing. Then I heard some Jeff Beck Group and stopped thinking so. But still - Beck & Page and some amazing feedbacky drone in the bridge. Sizzling. 

11. DINOSAUR JNR - They Always Come 

So, fans will carp but 'Bug's the one. One of the great guitar-tutor LPs of all time alongside Daydream Nation and The Fat Skier. 


Impossible to resist. Love Fairport and they never sounded as joyous as this again. Sad to discover recently that Sandy Denny's solo stuff isn't as good but the title track of 'The North Star Grassman And The Ravens' most emphatically IS. 

13. DAVID BOWIE - Joe The Lion 

Bowie is perfect getting ready to go out music. This has accompanied many a Saturday night primp and preen and drinking til your hand's steady enough to do your mascara. 

god it's Monday
Slither down the greasy pipe
So far so good no one saw you
Hobble over any freeway
You will be like your dreams tonight

14. BUZZCOCKS - I Don't Mind 

All the copyists miss the point. It's not the sound. It's the people involved. 

15. THE CONGOS - Open Up The Gate 

Listening to Gladiators, Culture, Congos you realise the next place that harmonies went after the West Coast and Laurel Canyon was Kingston. A lesson in finding your place and exalting it. 

16. JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Wait Until Tomorrow 

Jimi & Mitch. Noel kept busy and unintrusive. Axis be the best when you want your Jimi flab-free. 

17. THE ROLLING STONES - Stray Cat Blues 

Good god the heat. Charlie - you can SEE him in the grooves. Remember reading Mick Jagger saying the intro was inspired by the Velvet's 'Heroin'. Always play this fuck-off loud, awesome played out. 

18. SONIC YOUTH - Purr 

A band who made enough albums for what I needed and who I consequently stopped listening to. Is that lazy? Probably, but it is frugal. From the massively unheralded-as-perhaps-their-true-pop-masterpiece 'Dirty'. 

19. O.C. - Time's Up

Always drops like a cold planet of punishment on your day. From the fantastic 'Word/Life' LP. 

20. JESSAMINE - Or What You Mean 

Between 1994 and 1998 Jessamine made records for the wonderful Kranky label that were entirely unique. I strongly suggest you seek them out and listen to them, perhaps with a beverage. 

21. JESSE JAMES - Love Is Alright 

DEEPLY SUSPISH about Northern Soul (as a culture, not the music) but don't get me started. Love this. Another great one to drop 'out'. 


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