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"A straight fix to the head": GIRLS AGAINST BOYS 'House Of GVSB' album review, Melody Maker 1996

EASTERN SPRING now available on Zero Books.

"We need this. This noise." Slayer's Kerry King. 2001

Kerry King Interview: Metal Hammer, June 2001
It's 1980. You're pissed off with limp-wristed metal and bored with pretentious punk. What do you do? You invent the sound that changes a generation. Neil Kulkarni meets Slayer, the true lords of thrash metal.

Slain. Again. While meeting your heroes is so often a disappointing demystification, this is perhaps the most inspiration half-hour chat I've had in far too long. And not just 'cos it's with Kerry King, the guy responsible for all the neck trauma that you got through the 80s. The guy responsible for waking you up to the fact that metal had changed - that it wasn't poodle-cuts and piddly-widdliness any more and was actually right in the street you were walking down. It's not the most inspirational interview I've done in a while because he held my hand and shared something intimate. It's inspirational because he barks out answers like a boot-camp sadist and because King is a million miles away from t…