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"up there with Gucci Mane, Wacka and Gorilla Zoe in the current glut of gobshites" - HIP HOP COLUMN END OF MARCH 2010, DJ MAGAZINE

The Trilogy/Choices Choices
Hidden Agenda
Love DJ IQ’s loopadelia ‘neath ‘The Trilogy’ – sounds like a shard of prime Algerian psyche from the late 60s, rotated atop a thumping, sweltering beat that pushes the heat into yr lungs. When the music’s this freakin’ great, it’s a Christmas bonus to have the D dropping his mess all over it, his freewheeling bemusement at his own skills always totally compelling. On the flip ‘Choices Choices’ lashes Jaques Demy, Roots Radics &  Premo into a dream collabo none of them ever envisaged. Fantastic stuff from one of the UK’s finest MCs right now.

You’ll Never Change
High Focus
Ok, I’m assuming you’ve heard the stunning ‘My Soul’, ‘Madness ft. Kashmere’, ‘Dream Coat’ , ‘Get Involved ft Jehst’ & have been peeping the vid for ‘He Who Dares’? If you haven’t drag yourself away from all that illegal downloading you’re doing and hear one of UK rap’s most thrilling new voices. Fliptrix’s flow is an engrossing one, the music he unleashes it on always odd/twisted/bumpalicious enough to slay you and this preview from the soon-come HUGELY anticipated ‘Theory Of Rhyme’ is no exception. Hear everything you can from this man now.

Micall Parknsun
Thought I was sick of tweaked voices and soul-vocal choruses but dammit if MP has managed to make it work again: ‘Everyday’ is just gorgeous, sumptuous with a string-loop that’s dreamy, chopped just the right side of the intrigue vanishing, one of the highlights from last year’s underrated ‘First Second Time Around’ lp. On the flip the Chemo remix of ‘Bang! Ft Jehst’ sucks deep on those days when Dre’s productions were squarely between East-Coast ruffness & oozing liquid G-funk. Nice.

Born Inna System ft. Buggsy
Dragon Drop
All kinds of things happening here, rocksteady pulse, roots-reggae vibe, dub detail, dancehall digi-derangement: Skitz typically peerless sound-collage finds the perfect foil in Bristolian Buggsy’s sweet vocals. Hugely danceable but if anything ‘Born Inna System’ comes across more like a stunning album-opener – can’t wait to see what the forthcoming ‘Sticksman’ opus contains. Ace as ever from Skitz.

A Life Like This/Cool
Two wickedbad 7”s from Giant Panda’s producer – ‘A Life Like This’ sees L.A MC Droop Capone drop some nicely tight rhymes over a gorgeous slam of summer-ready funk that goes nowhere but does so brilliantly (specially when +8). ‘Cool’ sees Detroit’s Big Tone try and squeeze in his rhymes in-between a bustling, busy panoply of finger-popping jazz. Both lim-ed 7”s, if you’ve only got sponds for one make it the Droop Capone one but both are doozies.

Chima Anya
I Love Rap/Death/Hey!
Phoenix Down
CA’s ‘New Day’ LP is one of the debuts of the year already and here be 3 highlights – ‘I Love Rap’ be plain nuts, a wonkoid groggy melange of wibble and grind over which Anya stakes claims and makes threats, ‘Death’ snips a wee bit of Stevie’s ‘They Won’t Go’ but crucially has the same feel of dread and wonder as ‘Fulfillingness First Finale’ and ‘Hey’ is dub/dancehall inflected bashment perfick for dancefloor or drawing room. Seek.

CX Kidtronik
Black Girl White Girl
Stones Throw
Awww man – you can almost smell the ire, the annoyance, the rage rising from all those backpackers when they hear what Stones Throw are up to. Put plainly this record is a fucking mess, a blathering barely coherent rant scythed by deeply primitive electro blare and beats taped via condenser mic. As such, it’s one of the most inept, thrilling, undeniable things Stones Throw have given us and if it fucks off the beardies keep it comin’.

Crown Royale
We Gotcha
DJ Rhettmatic GODDAMN he’s getting better! The way he lashes together the frantic and furtive, the sub-bass rumbles and sudden drenching showers of synth, the forward propulsion of everything he does no matter how old and rugged the roots. Buff1 provides verbals that just about manage to keep up but Youtube this track soon as you can to see the loon in charge behind the decks just tear shit apart. Excellent.

Joe Budden
Hello Expectations
Inexcusable, irresistible – there’s a monomania to this that downright simmers through the speakers, the synth/prog backing coming on like Goblin at their funkiest and most deranged, Budden’s verbals spraying far and wide and hitting their targets at least 80 percent of the time. I’m NOT saying that the soon-come ‘Mood Muzik 4’ will be all good, but this little chunk of it is an absolute corker.

In Brief

Mind On My Money
Def Jam
I’m on tour – you’re on facebook’. Nice n sleazy does it every time, beautifully lubricated beats’n’noise, no ‘Green Island’ but what the hell is? I say let him thru one more time.

Wallys & Pringles Freestyle
Just find it – haven’t heard Rae rippit over such gloriously sun-struck Latin-funk Beatnuts-beats before, the loop just one bass note hit once every eight bars and that’s IT. Two minutes that bring summer.

Lloyd Banks
Big Bully
Banks might not dominate ’10 quite as much as his admirers seem to think he deserves but this is as good as ‘Beamerz, Benz, Bentleys’ and you gotta check out the video shot by 50Cent (seemingly on a camcorder).

Rick Ross
Fountain Bleu
Def Jam
In the world of mixtape mediocrities, RR is up there with Gucci Mane, Wacka and Gorilla Zoe in the current glut of gobshites – ‘Fountain Bleu’ is no better, and just as godawful as all of them.

Brotha Lynch Hung
Colostomy Bag
Strange Music
Well, with a title like that y’know I had to review this – BLH has been sending out sick shit on the underground for some time now and I suspect this track isn’t gonna have him gatecrashing the charts anytime soon. Great flow though.


1.  Foreign Beggars - 7 Figure Swagger ( Bar 9 Rmx ) (Dented)
“Love the fact UK badman Dubbledge is on a dubstep banger!”
2.  Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (Brownswood Recording)
“A few years old now, but we can’t seem to stop listening to it.”
  1. Foreign Beggars - Shake It (Dented Recs)
This is one my favourites from the nu beggars album, nice and bubbly.”
  1. Omar/Reel People – Outta Love (Papa)
“The broken beat duo Souled on the beat and Omar on the vocals. What more can I say?”
  1. Matta - Inquisition  (Ad Noiseam)
“This Dubstep duo are set for big things, this being a prime example.”
6.  LDZ - Wave To The Floor – (DENTED RECS)
“This track never fails to rock our shows. Got to be on this list.”
  1. Strong Arm Steady - Telegram –(Stones Throw)
“Short but sweet beat with wkd sample and wkd flow to match. Love this.”
8.      Mos Def - Auditorium  (Downtown)
“Mos Def is still one my top mcs, and on this Madlib beat he can’t go wrong.”
9.      Illum Sphere - Psycho ( Samiyam Rmx ) (Fat City)
“Big fans of this LA-based beat maker, sloppy beats but in a good way.”
10. 16bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy ( Jakes Rmx) - Boka Recs
“This tune was siiick first time round but this rmx is next level dutty.”


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