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"Prove you ALL wrong, fuckers!" - The RZA, interviewed by me, for Bang Magazine, 2003

Royal Trux, Two Features

SEX PISTOLS, Never Mind The Bollocks / Spunk/ Filthy Lucre Live, Album reissue reviews, 1996, Melody Maker

"Surprisingly moist" - HELMET LIVE REVIEW, 1995 Melody Maker

"Prime thugporn wanking material for Morrisey . . . " - SKINS, Gavin Watson, Review from Plan B

"acid & mushrooms & amyl & anger" - everything I done writ about LOOP

"a brief brilliant wonka-vite birth/perfection/death cycle" - WC AND MADD CIRCLE "CURB SERVIN’" - album review, 1995, Melody Maker

"burns yo'ass like the map on Bonanza" - THE STOOGES, "The Weirdness", album review, 2007, PlanbMag

"Heart-explodingly good" - COME, Live, Camden, 1994, Melody Maker review.

"Eternal youth forever" - VARIOUS ARTISTS TIGHTEN UP VOLUME 1 – DELUXE EDITION - album review.

"up there with Gucci Mane, Wacka and Gorilla Zoe in the current glut of gobshites" - HIP HOP COLUMN END OF MARCH 2010, DJ MAGAZINE