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THE HOWLING HEX - ALL NIGHT FOX album review Plan B Magazine, 2005

(Drag City)
When I last saw Royal Trux, I was unprepared for the sheer danger level that seemed to shoot out from them and suffuse the room. Not danger as in the usual r’n’r hotel-trashing puerility – danger as in it felt frightening, seeing how many possibilities they were toying with. And while Jennifer H was the focus of most people’s attention, the most palpable waves of hostility to the universe were pouring from Neil Hagerty. Or rather, from this fucked-up little Fender box amp and the kind of guitar you’d pick up at Argos. There was a freedom and a fearlessness to what he did with that guitar that I’ll never forget, and it’s reinvoked every time I hear him.
   So The Howling Hex have a lot of love to trash, simply by dint of his presence. Before a note is heard, this is a hip document. But you don’t need to know the Trux to digthis. All Night Fox is a livid, searing lash of aggravation and contact-high noise that welcomes anyone in who wants to hear…