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    Zamrock couldn't have been predicted at midnight on October the 24th, 1964. In the Zambian capital Lusaka, at the Independence Stadium, at 12.01 am, the silence was deafening. The drummers stopped drumming. The dancers stopped dancing. Everything went dark. The Union Jack was finally lowered as the Zambian flag rose. Fireworks. Later that day Kenneth Kaunda, ex-teacher and socialist leader of the Zambian African National Congress, who'd canvassed support for the independence struggle by playing 'freedom songs' on his guitar (perhaps influenced by his 1960 meeting with Martin Luther King), was sworn in as president. Speaking to a crowd of 200,000 he admitted how bloody a struggle it had been - security forces had shot, tortured and imprisoned hundreds of freedom fighters. He urged Zambia to 'rise and march forward to peace, progress and human development and dignity'. He then set about, through free educa…

Album Review - The addictive soundworld of Adrian Younge

'PPARENTLY (according to the pros) 'Los Angeles' isto be seen as a compilation, a 'best-of' gathering of Younge's best work thus far, in the few years he's been visible. Younge, if you don't know is an L.A-based hip hop producer born in 78 who's made some astonishing 33s and 45s.  A hip-hop producer in the most sophisticated non-DJ sense - he's an arranger and composer, works with alot of real analogue equipment, presents himself somewhere between a young Quincy Jones and an old Teo Macero, old school in alot of ways,  heavily into 60s and 70s music, especially the more psychedelic soul, the funkier soundtracks, the most sumptuous soul.  His sound is a gorgeous mix of Schifrin/Axelrod-style lushness and determinedly golden-age beatmaking. The music he's made includes albums with Ghostface Killah (2013's superb 'Twelve Reasons To Die' soon to gain a sequel in this year's 'Twelve Reas…

WEEDEATER - 'God Luck And Good Speed' & 'Jason . . . The Dragon' reissue album reviews.

WEEDEATER God Luck & Good Speed Jason . . . The Dragon (Seasons Of Mist)
Hope they can keep this up on the newie, ‘Goliathan’. It’s out soon but I ain’t heard it. I won't use 'full album' youtube links with stoner/crust/doom stuff cos despite all the usual critical conversation about Weedeater being all about 'filth' and 'noise' and 'sludge' and 'bong scrapings' (music hack cliche #4080 - laboriously prove that yes indeed you have taken drugs) the tinny bleating of a computer, even through a headphone socket, is not the ideal way to hear this. You need big speakers. This is not careless, filthy music. It's as carefully produced and put together as the most painstakingly assembled electronica - though much Weedeater swings like it's recorded live, it's actually the way every single empty socket and crevice in your headspace is filled and packed tight with molten heaviosity that really makes these records creme de la spesh. I a…