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Adelewhoisworth£50million with ÜbersturmCuntFuhrer Nick 'Harvester Of Sorrow' Grimshaw.

Thank god for the Britschool eh? Easy to forget that Adelewhoisworth£50million was in the same year-group as Jessie J and Leona Lewis. We should always count our lucky stars that there wasn't a Columbine-style mass-shooting at the Britschool that year or the consequences for British pop might have been devastating. Of course, like you, my favourite Adelewhoisworth£50million song is the one that goes 'I'm mortified to have to pay 50 percent/ I use the NHS, I can't use the public transport any more/Trains are always late, most state schools are s*** and I've gotta give you, like, four million quid - are you having a laugh?/When I got my tax bill in from 19, I was ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire.' In the  video for this new song from her multi-platinum latest album we see Adelewhoisworth£50million setting up with her musicians and backing singers, all tastefully clad in neat and good-quality dark garments from the better high-street chains, in Church studios. All the musicians play with sensitivity and gentleness and in good-quality dark garments from the better high-street chains and Adelewhoisworth£50million puts alot of herself into the performance of the song, which appears to be about lost youth, impending mortality, the kind of vague and interminable self-pity which has made her such a star for the Great Shittish Public, those fucking dimwitted paramecium for whom the fact she doesn't mime is some kind of cause for celebration. At the end Adelewhoisworth£50million has a giggle with the band, proving what a down-to-earth person she still is and the whole thing is so deeply fucking boring you're almost forced to start idly dreaming of the doors to the studio suddenly locking and a slow accidental seepage of toxic gas rendering everyone inside initially paralysed, eventually choking to a grim asphyxiated death - crucially not able to ever again inflict their fuckawful musical politesse on anyone ever again. Daydream believer . . . heartbreaking when you snap back innit. Music without a single iota of grit, grace or guile about it as you'd possibly expect from Adelewhoisworth£50million and her band wearing good-quality dark garments from the better high-street chains. Truly, this is Adelewhoisworth£50million's and band who wear good-quality dark-garments from the better high-street chains' TIME. We're all just spectators.


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This was my dream. And it was so vivid it really happened. 
I hired a van. The expense was a concern but I needed the capacity. First the long drive north to Middlesborough. I knew he'd be at home, visiting relatives. Made sure my HeadBag was packed. Blindfolds and ballgags. Rope. Some starved, stroppy badgers. Maxi-pack of chloroform-seeped bogroll from Costco. Masking tape. As I eased onto the M1 I told myself again the story of how it was developed from the need for waterproof ammunition casings in WWII. I had to, I was bored, and it's a long schlep up to 'boro. Idly, after securing a mortgage for a bacon roll at Tibshelf, I had an argument with my other personality about whether Middlesborough was in North Yorkshire, County Durham or Teeside. 
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The F.U.N.K 2017 End Of Year Lists Part 1 - Metal

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Needs saying actually - metal, like hip hop, is one area of music where blogging and word-of-mouth is all the guidance I need anymore - haven't been NEAR a metal mag this year and don't feel like I've missed anything. The bloggers care, and know their stuff so thanks to Angry Metal Guy and Cvlt Nation  and No Clean Singing and Heavy Blog Is Heavy  and The Sludgelord for keeping me vaguely in touch with the best metal in 2017, they've been invaluable. 

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