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Tried to read some new record reviews today. Failed.
A note for aspiring pophacks from this failed one: when you're writing about an album, at some point you're going to have to step away from facts, trails of evidence, sales-figures, celebrity-endorsements/tie-ins, biographical regurgitation, what they're saying on Twitter, rubbish jokes, stuff about how great and funny you are, and actually write about how the album makes you feel, about what the experience of listening to it is like.
I mean, you don't HAVE to, and seemingly many don't. But that's kind of the point of a review.


  1. For what they're worth (very little I suspect), here are my thoughts on two wonderful dub albums I've heard this week. Abu Ama's "Arabxa Ishara" apparently takes its influences from an extraordinarily large and varied number of sources including traditional Turkish folk music, Indonesian field recordings and conversations recorded in UK pubs. I've never been to a casbah so I don't know what one sounds, smells or looks like but this record takes me to an imaginary one my mind has conjured up. It's wreathed in the smoke of exotic incense, sells bizarrely-shaped brass pipes which allow forty people to toke on a bong simultaneously and is a place I'm desperate to get lost in and never be found. It's amorphous music packed with imagery and sounds like an instrumental version of PiL's "Metal Box" played on newly invented instruments and motorcycle exhaust pipes. "LoversDedicationStation" by Seekersinternational is supposed to be a spin on lover's rock taken as far out as the technology to dub a record will allow which basically sounds as though 3 or 4 songs (btw, I know fuck all about lover's rock) are being played simultaneously, each one at a different speed. It's not a mess that desperately needs clearing up or even something that sounds unmusical and it's as addictive as crack cocaine although I haven't the faintest idea why. I'm not great or funny which precludes me from making comments suggesting I am but I like to think I know a great record when I hear one and these are two of them

  2. I'm probably going to get an avalanche of abuse for this but I also can't stop playing "Jazz Walubs," by Mattwizard which is the only album I know which fuses jazz with grime. It should fail miserably but this is no stitch the two together and try to get away with it record. The jazz is as good as it gets and mixed with the 140 BPM of no holds barred instrumental grime it's a rollercoaster of a triumph. I'm not sure the two tracks which feature an MC quite cut the mustard though.


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