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BLATTARIA - BLATTARIA (Fallen Empire Records)

 It doesn't help that whenever I hear double-kick drums I remember how ridiculous this looks from BEHIND a stage, where the drummers' legs always remind me of when Sooty & Sweep were seen 'running' but for a genre that's so often sells itself as the zenith of heavy darkness black metal beats are wonderfully weak sometimes, like an endlessly puckering oil-can denting and undenting itself.

Not so with Blattaria. I haven't heard blackened psychedelia as bass-heavy as this . . . EVER tbh. WHat's also fantastic is that low-end actually pushes the production into tons of dubby moments - not a single vocal line isn't fucked with or echoplexed, and it adds to the feel of derangement and Goblin-style fetidness.

 The structures are nuts. Sometimes it feels like Blattaria (who are one guy called Manuel) launch into unholy pile-ups and crescendoes in an almost infantile sense - because Blattaria CAN - and there's no hooks here at all, rather these are carefully constructed pure body-hits of rancour, despair and occult frenzy with nary a tip of the hat to anything approaching a conventional song-structure, conventional melodies or even anything that could be called 'experimental'. This is too natural an emetic, too sudden a vomitorious deluge to fall into any categories you know. Sometimes the guitar lines accrete into beams of flinted darkness that are pure pitchless shape and surge, always the drums, bass and vocals are utterly dubbed-to-fuck. I love this record. Get it on tape/vinyl from Fallen Empire or pick it up for nowt from Bandcamp. The (shameful) fact it's been out since October and I've not mentioned it much doesn't mean it doesn't deserve your full attention now. Properly unsettling, genuinely terrifying music. Play loud, and wait for Satan to show.

(Vinyl of Blattaria is available from Fallen Empire Records here)


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